Why weight returns after a diet

According to colorful estimates, about 20 of people who lose weight through salutary changes maintain their optimal weight. The remaining 80 are faced with a problem the lost kilograms are returning, and they’ve to look for new ways to achieve a slender figure. also, the return of redundant weight is the minimal difficulties that can be encountered after a salutary shake- up. Because frequently the lost weight isn’t only restored, but also increased. Why is this passing, and are there diets after which the weight doesn’t return?

Causes of weight increase after a diet

A sharp drop in the calorie content of the diet, a change in the menu is stress for the body. Studies have shown that without detriment to health, you can reduce the calorie content of the diet by no further than 20. Indeed if you suddenly eat a unexpectedly large quantum, cutting the menu in half will stress the body and lead to problems. That is, you should change your eating habits precisely, gradationally, precisely.

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still, in pursuit of a beautiful figure, especially when the need to “ fit ” into your favorite dress looms ahead, numerous women strive to lose weight snappily. They resort to mono- diets, a sharp restriction of the diet, and indeed to a real hunger strike. An exhausted body really begins to lose kilograms, though not at the expenditure of adipose towel, but at the expenditure of water and muscles. But, since the result is conspicuous on the scales, and the asked dress sits on the figure, women consider similar styles to snappily lose weight effective.

In practice, prostration of the body is extremely dangerous. The body remembers ages of similar sharp weight loss as the time of hunger and stocks over on adipose towel in case force majeure reprises. That is, the lost kilograms are fleetly restored, and the body begins to repel their loss with all its might, because nutritional, energy- precious fat can come in handy during the coming “ empty period ”. So the desire to lose weight contributes to the set of redundant body weight.

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But indeed if you don’t abuse starvation and mono- diets, there may be other reasons why you can not maintain optimal body weight

High calorie bread

So, you have given up high- calorie foods for a couple of weeks or indeed months, and have gained a slender figure. Everything is fine, the salutary period is over, you can return to old habits. This is the most common mistake people make when trying to lose weight.

still, once they are back in your diet, you will start gaining weight again, If you’ve lost weight by cutting out high- calorie foods. A diet that does not come back is one that you can stick to all the time, with a many tweaks. Eating hamburgers and drinking cola every day and maintaining optimal body weight is insolvable. Unless you compensate for this with some kind of physical exertion at the position of a professional athlete. still, indeed diurnal exercises don’t help everyone to homogenize body weight without correcting nutrition.

Retardation of metabolism

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It can do for a variety of reasons, including the bone
we described above the body’s physiological response to hunger. Our body is “ stoned ” not for compliance with the canons of beauty, but for survival, so it can decelerate down the metabolism . But there may be other reasons

  • conditions of the endocrine system;
  • a sharp drop in motor exertion;
  • taking certain specifics with a analogous side effect;
  • regular sleep privation.

Another common reason for not being suitable to keep a slim figure is the lack of discipline. Let’s say you have a balanced diet, consulted a nutritionist, inked up for a spa, and everything is going great. But from time to time I want to return to old habits drinking beer rather of jogging, tasting sweets rather of the spa, and replacing salads with hearty, ambrosial sweet afters.

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To fight temptation, allow yourself similar sins, but veritably precisely. Plan ahead for these little treats. still, eat muffins once a week and in the morning, and not every day andevening.However, allow yourself to relax with your favorite television series, register sports training for hereafter( but not for a period like “ in a month ”), If you feel tired. Alcohol, of course, should be abandoned so as not to gain redundant weight again, but a glass of dry red wine on Saturday evening won’t hurt, and at the same time you won’t feel that you have lost all the mannas of life.

Please note that if you eat and can not stop, if you feel shamefaced after eating, if you avoid eating in front of other people, also this isn’t a problem with restraint. This is how eating diseases manifest themselves. They also be to veritably disciplined, strong-conscious people. Only a good psychiatrist- psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of eating diseases will help to manage with such a problem.

Calorie deficiency

still, also don’t chase for a quick result, If you don’t want the redundant pounds to return. snappily lost kilograms just as snappily return. The normal rate of weight loss is0.5- 3 kg perweek.However, also be sure that these kilograms will return sooner or latterly, If you’re healthy and lose 5- 10 kg per week.

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How to maintain weight after a diet

Stick to a balanced diet, eat as little muffin as possible, sweet, adipose, fried. Don’t forget to include fresh vegetables and fruits, salads, cereals, legumes, some nuts and berries in your diurnal menu.

Also try to maintain a comfortable position of physical exertion. Sedentary work is dangerous to health and contributes to weight gain, so choose for yourself a affable type of exertion walking, running, swimming, spa. The main thing is that you moveregularly.However, and your weight is growing fleetly- for illustration, 5 kilograms per month, If your position of physical exertion and diet remain stable. With a high degree of probability, the matter isn’t in your diet, but in the state of health.

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