How to get rid of excess weight loss program

After losing five, ten, or fifteen kilograms, many girls are sure that their previous weight will not return to them, and allow themselves to “relax” a little. In fact, after you see the perfect mark on the scale, you need to make twice as much effort to maintain the result and show off a slender and toned body not for a week or a month, but for the rest of your life. How to do it without much effort – read in our review.

How to choose the right weight loss program?

The main reason why you rapidly gain weight after the end of the diet is a weight loss program based on:

  • mono-diet ( rice, buckwheat, kefir, apple ). The basic principle of such diets is to consume one product for 3-5 days: buckwheat, rice, fat-free kefir, an apple and occasionally add honey or carrots to them. The downside is that you “feed” the body with carbohydrates and completely “block” the intake of proteins and fats necessary to keep the body in good shape. When the diet ends, you begin to sweep everything from the refrigerator’s shelves. Only in this way the body will be able to “receive” the necessary vitamins, trace elements and amino acids to ensure the normal functioning of all systems – from the digestive to the respiratory;
  • restrictions on proteins, fats or carbohydrates: such diets are fraught with the fact that the metabolism will slow down, and as a result, hair, teeth will begin to fall out, the skin will lose its former tone and appearance. And all because the balance between the intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates necessary for the full “functioning” of the whole organism will be lost;
  • turning food into complete “bad taste” : eating rice, buckwheat, meat, fish without salt and spices is commendable, but then you will certainly have a desire to add “salt and spice” to the menu by eating junk food such as burgers, french fries, fried chicken, floury and sweet.

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If we analyze the principle of modern diets, then it comes down to drastic restrictions on food, and not a complete change in culinary habits. And as soon as the diet is over, you will return to the usual way of eating. Be sure that the lost kilograms will be replenished in a couple of days, and they will “take” two or three more kilograms with them, which will make you feel depressed and understand that all efforts have gone down the drain.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight and keep the result, you need to choose nutrition systems based on:

  • varied and balanced menu : dishes prepared on the basis of foods high in protein and complex carbohydrates, but low in fat. These include chicken breast, vegetables, fruits (except bananas and grapes), herbs, cheese, cottage cheese, lean meats and fish, cereals, durum wheat pasta. Using these products, you will prepare fragrant, hearty, delicious dishes that will be a great addition to your daily diet;
  • no strict restrictions : rejection of flour, sweet, fatty is a mandatory requirement for those who dream of an ideal mark on the scales, but a complete ban on salt, spices, seasonings can only harm the body, since you will not receive useful vitamins, trace elements and full amino acids. Because of this, the digestive system will fail;
  • there is no complete rejection of fats : do not forget that fat is a building material for the body. If you reduce your intake, your hair will lose its natural shine, the skin of your face and body will become less elastic, your metabolism will slow down, and hormonal disruptions will occur. If the weight loss program does not prohibit low-fat foods, this is a big plus, because you will keep the body in good shape and prevent “failures” that occur due to a lack of fat.

The main advantage of competent nutrition systems is that they are aimed at a radical change in culinary habits for a long time, and not for a couple of days. By adhering to these nutritional rules, you will accustom the body to the consumption of healthy food and you will no longer be able to eat buns, ice cream, chocolates, smoked sausages or sausages, as before.

And now a little about the main question!

How to choose a weight loss system that is right for you?

First – study the set of products recommended for preparing the dishes indicated in the weight loss program. This is necessary in order to:

  • create a budget for the purchase of food;
  • match dishes with culinary preferences;
  • to create the optimal version of the weight loss system.

For example, if you are allergic to lactose, then all dairy products are automatically excluded from the diet and they need to be replaced. The same goes for vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats and fish that you don’t like or can’t afford. Choose nutrition programs that fit all three parameters so that you can follow the new nutrition program without any problems.

Second – test the diet. If it is said that you should have three main meals and two snacks for the whole day, but you cannot make time for them for a number of reasons (permanent work, there is no way to eat at the exact time), then you need to look for alternative options so that in Accurately follow the recommendations of a nutritionist.

Third – choose a diet that suits your lifestyle. Let’s say that you work the night shift, and your morning does not begin until one in the afternoon. Then such principles of nutrition as “do not eat after six” or “start the day with a shock portion of carbohydrates” are clearly not suitable for you. While working, you will constantly experience a brutal appetite, and starting the day with a portion of porridge with a banana or a cup of coffee with croissants, you run the risk of “gaining” extra centimeters at the waist and hips, because after 12:00 the metabolism slows down, and in order to use up the received portion carbohydrates, you will have to make three times as much effort.

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If you have an atypical work schedule, then you need to carefully select a weight loss program or visit a nutritionist so that the specialist writes a detailed meal plan.

There are also universal diets, which include ready-made food for weight maintenance with home delivery:

How to implement a new food system?

One of the main missteps that girls who want to get rid of extra pounds make is a sharp transition to a new diet. And this is not always correct, because because of such a change, the body experiences severe stress. He was deprived of the main “joys”: flour, sweet, fatty, chips, salted nuts and other harmful products, and now he has to survive on healthy food.

Nutritionists recommend gradually changing the diet, excluding flour, sweets, high-fat foods (smoked sausages, sausages, lard, pork), packaged juices, seeds, nuts from the diet for 2-3 weeks.

In addition to food, it is necessary to review the drinking regimen. Drinking 1.5-2 liters of purified water per day will help:

  • get rid of waste and toxins;
  • speed up metabolism;
  • eliminate weakness and malaise;
  • prevent the appearance of acne, pimples, redness, dryness of the skin of the face and body;
  • improve the functioning of the digestive system.

The main thing is to drink water according to the following scheme: one glass on an empty stomach, one glass 15 minutes before a meal and one glass two hours after a meal.

Another factor in a successful “transition” to a new diet is the elimination of all temptations. If you have a serving of ice cream in your refrigerator, then the thought of a treat will haunt you anytime, anywhere. And so it is with all the “temptations”: cookies, chocolates, buns, chips, nuts. It is better not to keep them at home or warn relatives to carefully hide these delicacies from you, because even highly motivated people sometimes find it difficult to resist the smell of fresh pastries, chocolate or their favorite ice cream.

How much time to devote to sports activities?

Those who are with sports on “you” will have to change this setting, because only through physical activity you will receive:

  • slim figure;
  • elastic skin;
  • high body tone;
  • fast metabolism;
  • relief muscles;
  • attractive silhouette.

Also, training will accelerate the loss of extra pounds and enhance the “effect” of proper nutrition by 20-30% due to the growth of muscle fibers and the gradual ” drying ” of the fat layer.

The most effective way to get rid of hated kilograms is going to the gym, where, alternating strength and cardio loads, you will bring your body into perfect shape within a few months.

But if you don’t like working with hardware, there are plenty of alternatives:

  • yoga;
  • dancing;
  • cross-country running;
  • stretching;
  • swimming;
  • karate;
  • tai-bo;
  • step aerobics;
  • classical choreography and others.

The key criterion when choosing a sports activity is how you feel during your workout. If you enjoy the process and regret that you missed the workout, then the choice is definitely the right one. But in no case do not agree to classes during which you feel apathy, irritability, depression, but endure because you “have to”. You don’t need to do this, because you will not only beat off the craving for physical activity, but also slow down the process of losing weight – negative emotions drive the body into a state of stress, and, as a rule, we often “seize” it and quickly return to the starting point.

After you have chosen a sports direction, get into the habit of visiting a sports club or exercising at home at least three times a week for 40-60 minutes, giving your best at this time. You can choose suitable training programs yourself or entrust this procedure to a specialist – for example, a professional trainer.

Why give up alcohol and smoking?

Another rule to follow is the rejection of bad habits. These include drinking alcohol, smoking, and not sleeping at night.

By smoking 1-2 cigarettes a day, you disrupt the respiratory system, slow down your metabolism, make your hair brittle, and your teeth become yellowish-gray. Giving up this bad habit is a step towards quick weight loss and improved appearance.

As for alcohol, the danger of this “enemy” is that it provokes appetite. After a glass of wine, a glass of beer, or a small glass of cognac, you’ll crave something sweet or savory. But another problem is that the sense of responsibility is also dulled: when we have drunk a glass of wine, we want to “continue the banquet”, and we no longer notice how we ate a sandwich, sweets, chips and other snacks that will certainly “settle” on waist and hips.

No less detrimental to a beautiful figure and constant lack of sleep, which provoke the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, a depressed state and a desire to drink coffee with chocolate to cheer up a little.

Go to bed no later than 23:00 and get up at 7:00, and you will feel full of energy and strength. In this case, sticking to a balanced diet and training plan will not be difficult for you.

How to find strong motivation?

Another “engine of progress” that supports the desire to become slimmer and more beautiful is motivation. It is she who makes us “take up our minds” and continue to train hard, cook healthy meals.

If you look at the stories of people who managed to lose weight, each of them had their own reason: the desire to rub their noses at classmates who constantly mocked them, or craving for beautiful things in sizes XS, S or M.

Choose the reasons that make you act. For example, to maintain health, beauty, vivacity until old age, buy designer clothes, look perfect in a white tight-fitting T-shirt or look as attractive as female athletes. Look for an effective incentive for yourself, and then moving towards a new goal, and then maintaining the achieved mark on the scales, will become a pleasant daily process!

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