Choose the porridge for your baby

Choose the porridge for your baby

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Every caring mother knows about the benefits of cereals for the growth and development of a child. Porridges are included in the set of products for the first complementary foods and appear in the baby’s diet as early as 4-6 months. For young children, special cereals of industrial production are recommended, intended for baby food. They have an optimal consistency and composition, as a rule, do not require cooking. Older kids already eat from a common table, and from 3 years old the children’s diet is not much different from the menu of other family members. 

When choosing cereals for making porridge, many mothers follow a simple rule – the less processed the grain, the better. A whole, unprocessed grain is believed to contain more nutrients and are healthier for the body. Indeed, whole grains contain more fiber than cereals. However, in children with sensitive digestive systems, these coarse fiber foods can irritate the stomach. If the grain is preliminarily cut or crushed mechanically, it is easier to digest in the child’s gastrointestinal tract and contains the optimal amount of dietary fiber.

Flakes and cereals “Yasno Solnyshko” are suitable for feeding babies over 3 years old, produced according to a gentle technology with the preservation of natural bran and germ of grain. Several varieties are available:

Oatmeal flakes No. 1. They are made from whole grain and are the largest in the numbered flakes line. The thickness is the largest in the line of numbered flakes, as flakes # 1 are flattened less than flakes # 2 and # 3. The grain is peeled from the husk, and after steaming it is flattened together with its outer shells. The cooking time is at least 10 minutes. These flakes are suitable for adults and older children.

1. Oat flakes No. 2 during the technological process after steaming, the grain is first cut and then flattened, keeping the outer shells. The result is flakes of medium size and thickness. The cooking time for such porridge will be about 5 minutes. The resulting dish is also suitable for the whole family (can be given to children from 3 years old).

2. Oatmeal flakes No. 3. In this case, the grain is also steamed, cut along with the outer shells and flattened to a finer texture, resulting in the most delicate and thinnest oatmeal. ХО # 3 are thinner, therefore they cook faster than other flakes. The cooking time is only about 3 minutes. This option is optimal for children with sensitive digestion.

3. Instant porridge. The composition uses NTV flakes (not requiring boiling) – they undergo a double steaming procedure, preserve natural bran and grain germ and meet all the requirements for cereals that do not require boiling. Such porridge does not need to be boiled in boiling water. It is enough to pour hot milk or boiling water for 3-5 minutes. In addition, in addition to cereals, other natural ingredients are added to the composition – dried fruits and berries, as well as salt and sugar. They increase the taste and make the finished meal even more appetizing for the child. This is true for children, especially those who are picky about food.

Whichever type of “Yasno Solnyshko” product you choose for your child, you can be sure that cereals with all useful components will be included in the plate. They differ only in the degree of crimping. Oatmeal contains a high concentration of protein compounds and complex carbohydrates, which provide the body with energy for several hours. The product has a low glycemic index and has a positive effect on the functioning of the stomach.

Acquaintance of a child with “adult” cereals should be started with flakes “Clear sun” # 2 or # 3. Such cereals have a delicate texture and contain all the benefits of whole grains – vitamins and minerals, the optimal amount of dietary fiber. Instant porridges have similar properties, but they contain flavorings and do not require cooking. Well, as the baby grows up and his personal preferences change, switch to cereal No. 1 and other types of products.

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