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The introductory rule of a healthy approach to food and eating habits is to maintain a balance of Nutrition and energy input- expenditure( calories). thus, if you regularly do fitness, the composition and volume of the diurnal diet must be acclimated. This applies to all types of physical exertion it does not count if you prefer to calmly concentrate on your body during yoga or you like to do high- intensity interval training. Energy consumption varies, the menu needs to be chosen in such a way as to get the maximum benefit from training.

Following a strict restrictive diet while exercising isn’t recommended. Unless in extreme cases, for a short time, to lose one or two kilograms, precisely importing the health pitfalls. Feeling exhausted, weak, suckers of diets can not recover from physical exertion and frequently snappily quit fitness. The other minimum is a too high- calorie menu. You can’t suppose that fitness “ allows ” you to eat uncontrollably.

The right approach is a varied, delicious diet for you eat with a balanced rate of macro- and micronutrients and sufficient, but not inordinate calories. Such a diet will give strength for training, the body will come not only toned, but also healthy, and the mood is always upbeat.

Compliance with protein- carbohydrate and drinking balance

It’s generally accepted that nutrition during physically demanding conditioning should be generally protein. This isn’t entirely true it’s veritably important to condense it with complex carbohydrates that make up for the energy lost during training. Without them, you’ll constantly feel tired, weak, which will affect your athletic performance. Fats should also be included in the diet for athletes with the right lozenge, they help maintain health and indeed contribute to weight loss.

The most important rule for proper nutrition for fitness is drinking balance. Sufficient fluid will help

  • avoid dehumidification after class- it’s manifested by headaches, perversity, weakness, rapid-fire fatigue;
  • ameliorate intestinal and gastrointestinal motility, speed up metabolism and excretion of dangerous substances from the body- especially if the correct drinking balance is supplemented with a diet rich in fiber;
  • lose weight more.

To calculate the optimal quantum of fluid, use the universal formula 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. The performing volume should be unevenly distributed throughout the entire time of insomnia, drinking the first 200- 300 ml of liquid on an empty stomach, and the last one or two hours before bedtime.


Their significance in fitness nutrition is inestimable. High- protein foods help to” make” muscles briskly, forming a beautiful relief, stimulates metabolic processes, contributing to weight loss. The quantum of protein should be at least 40- 45.


The optimal proportion of complex carbohydrates in the diet( from 40- 45) will fill the body with energy and cover against seasonal conditions. The most important nutrients, oxidized in the body,” help” proteins make muscle. To maintain a balance between fitness and nutrition, it’s judicious to eat carbohydrate foods in the morning. For weight loss, avoid simple carbohydrates.


Fitness suckers shouldn’t fully count fats from the diet. They’re demanded by the vulnerable, reproductive system, brain and other organs. It’s desirable to increase the quantum of vegetable fats, but not to abandon creatures, but to reduce their consumption. Give preference to food rich in polyunsaturated acids. Fats shouldn’t be left for the evening- their quantum should be minimum on the regale menu.


To balance fitness and nutrition, calculate enough calories to maintain your current weight, taking into account the physical exertion from specific conditioning. From this figure, you can make on the program for weight loss. A correct and healthy calorie deficiency shouldn’t exceed 300- 400 kcal- it can be achieved by reducing the calorie content of food or only by fitness.

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When collecting a diet, flash back

  • you need to eat in small portions to maintain balance five times a day( three main refections and two snacks in between), to lose weight six to seven;
  • the interval between refections shouldn’t exceed three hours;
  • breakfast should be hearty, regale should be light, so foods high in fat and carbohydrates should be moved to the morning and autumn.

It’s judicious to eat dishes ignited in the roaster, fumed, stewed or with minimum frying in vegetable oil painting. The diet should be dominated by spare meat, eggs, flesh, fish and vegetable products, complex carbohydrates. When following a diet, give up carbonated drinks, dishes containing a lot of sugar, fast food and other” dangerous effects” you can go them, but rarely.

Nutrition after exercise, ahead and during exercise

What to eat before fitness classes

When choosing what to eat before fitness, give preference to protein refections with a low calorie content and consume them no latterly than one to two hours beforeclass.However, half an hour before the training, you can eat a sprinkle of berries, If it wasn’t possible to have a full lunch or regale. Useful will be 200- 250 ml of tea without milk, sugar, mineral water without gas.

What to do during class

Fitness and nutrition don’t mix well- it’s better to give preference to drinking. It’s necessary to drink water during the training, precisely covering your condition and paying attention to signs of dehumidification dry mouth, dizziness, severe fatigue. You need to drink in small drafts, every 15- 20minutes.However, it’s worth adding juice or a protein shake to the water, If the duration of the training exceeds an hour. You shouldn’t drink a lot of liquid during physical exertion, so as not to give an redundant cargo on the heart.

What to eat after class

The body must replenish the energy spent, so athletes are recommended to take protein- carbohydrate food- the” carbohydrate window” after 40- 100 twinkles. It’ll help restore muscles, souse, speed up metabolism, replenish glycogenstores.However, do a” carbohydrate window” one and a half to two hours after training, If you’re on a weight loss diet. The food should include

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