6 foods to help you lose belly fat

If you hear that another “fitness snack” will help you get rid of fat in a specific part of the body, be on the lookout – these are the tricks of marketers. Firstly, it has been proven that fat leaves the body evenly, and if you lose folds at the waist, most likely, the extra pounds will also go away on the hips. Secondly, there is no “magic” product in nature, the exclusive use of which will make you lose weight. Our body has a very complex physiology and anatomy, and it needs a comprehensive, nutritious, varied diet. And if we are talking about healthy weight loss, then an individual approach with a diet suitable for you is also very important here.

Even if there is no “magic pill” in nature that will instantly melt fat on your sides and give you a dream press, this does not mean that “everything is complicated”. There really is a way out – groups of products, the inclusion of which in the diet will actually make the process of losing weight more effective. Natalie Makienko, a nutritionist, creator of the author’s method for changing eating habits and founder of the Natural Diet project, identifies 6 products to combat excess fat on the waist.

Salt and water

This is the basis and our everything. You should always remember about the water-salt balance – without it, the body will not have the correct circulation of lymph, the necessary tone and good metabolism, which is simply necessary for healthy weight loss. Forget about the generally accepted norm – each person has its own. The minimum is 30 ml per 1 kg of current weight. As for salt, ¼ teaspoon is the required daily allowance. Choose pink, Himalayan, sea or ocean, and in any case, do not exclude salt from the diet.


… and other spices – for example, cloves, ginger, turmeric, even dried herbs. They are antioxidants and rid the body of harmful free radicals, remove toxins and toxins, saturate cells with oxygen, vitamins A, B and E and minerals. And antioxidants also help get rid of depression, which is easy to fall into due to dietary restrictions.


Any “herb” is a unique product that, albeit in small quantities, contains everything the body needs, including protein. In the process of losing weight, greens are important for balancing the diet, and they also alkalize the body, helping the digestive system to work better. Including greens in the diet, we get a whole complex of vitamins and enrich our cells with chlorophyll.


Traditional buckwheat can “melt fat” on the sides! In fact, of course, not only her, but also other complex carbohydrates and fiber, which I advise you to use for lunch – whole grain pasta, rye bread (yes), sweet potatoes, as well as fruits and vegetables. All of these foods speed up the metabolism, which directly affects how successfully you will lose weight. Eating only “protein + vegetables” will not give results.

Olive oil

Or coconut, or flaxseed – whichever you prefer. Most importantly, the body needs vegetable fats, which are contained in these oils. They are involved in the secretion of hormones and promote rapid satiety, and also improve bowel function.


… or any other source of “pure” protein – it can be both vegetable and animal. Protein is extremely important for our body, especially during the period of weight loss. It causes satiety and relieves hunger for a long time. Protein is the main building block for new cells, and also nourishes the muscles that help burn calories. If you are not very fond of chickpeas, fish, seafood, eggs, farm chicken or beans can easily replace it. For a while, give up red meat – in the summer it is not suitable for anyone (although everything is individual).

Less salt for dinner

Spicy Asian cuisine, spicy Caucasian cuisine are definitely not your options if you do not want to wake up bloated and swollen in the morning. It’s all about salt: salty food makes you drink more than usual, and its excess remains in the body for the whole night, inhibiting the microcirculation of fluid and retaining its excess. Salt in general is not a “must have” when it comes to healthy lifestyle ( see also :  “Salt and 6 more dangerous foods” ). Actually, therefore, when you eat one portion of the rolls in the evening, generously seasoned with soy sauce, in the morning you will look “fuller” than usual. How many times have the world been told that the ideal dinner is steamed vegetables and lean protein (fish, chicken breast)? Yes it is. And no salt.

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