how to make it so that there is a pronounced muscle relief

This article is based on Muscle Relief. The word “drying” is understood as a set of measures aimed at reducing the layer of subcutaneous fat. Along with a special daily regimen and training, drying nutrition is also important – if you choose the wrong products, there will be no desired effect.

Principles of catering during drying

In an athlete, when gaining muscle mass, the subcutaneous fat layer also increases. It hides the relief of the muscles, so bodybuilders tend to get rid of it. Special mode helps to achieve this goal, but the rules must be followed:

  • the gender of the athlete, the state of his health and the characteristics of the body are taken into account;
  • salt in dishes should be as small as possible;
  • daily calorie content is maintained at the level of 1300-1500 Kcal;
  • the amount of protein consumed depends on the person’s weight – 2 g / kg, towards the end of the special regimen – 1 g / kg;
  • fats need 0.5 kg / kg of athlete’s weight.

The diet should promote a high metabolic rate and maintain a calorie deficit.

To eliminate subcutaneous fat, you need to maintain an accelerated metabolism. For this purpose, they drink a lot of water – up to 3-4 liters per day, or at least 30 ml / 1 kg of the athlete’s weight. Drink water regularly, including after physical exertion. Before eating, you need to drink 200 ml of water without gas or the same amount of green tea without sugar.

Principles of the regimen for men

In athletes, cutting the body should not negatively affect muscle mass. Therefore, when compiling a diet, make sure that proteins account for ⅔ of the volume, carbohydrates for ⅓, and no more than 10% of fats. Sweet foods are excluded, an indulgence is only for men with a high metabolism – it is permissible for them to eat some confectionery or sweet fruits for breakfast.

The scheme for drying the body is chosen based on the level of physical fitness. For example, amateur athletes are advised to stick to a gradual reduction in calorie content – by 10-20% of the norm. These results are achieved by eliminating foods with a high glycemic index and moderate fat restriction from the diet. It is forbidden to completely abandon carbohydrates – against the background of increased intake of proteins, the number of ketone bodies will also increase, which will lead to problems with the kidneys.

Professional-level athletes are more likely to follow a different method – carbohydrate rotation. Its essence is a periodic increase and decrease in carbohydrates consumed with food. Different schemes are used, by day – 2 + 1, 3 + 1, 4 + 2 and others. For the first given scheme, two days are recommended to eat foods low in carbohydrates, the third day the amount of carbohydrates is increased.

If drying is carried out under the supervision of an experienced trainer, it is permissible to enrich food with fat burners, protein, glutamine and other additives. In this case, it is possible to reduce subcutaneous fat to a minimum level and achieve a beautiful muscle relief. With independent training, such results are unattainable, so amateur athletes can not use sports nutrition at this stage.

Features of the mode for girls

In women, carbohydrates pass into subcutaneous fat faster, the basal metabolic rate is lower, and the distribution of muscle mass and adipose tissue throughout the body is uneven. Therefore, for them, drying is shorter and has differences from men’s.

In the diet, the level of protein is reduced, because the amount of muscle mass in women is less than in men. At the same time, it is undesirable to completely exclude nutrients – the diet for women should be more balanced. Otherwise, the menstrual cycle may go astray or problems with hormones will begin.

Girls are advised to add:

  • preparations with Omega-3;
  • fish fat;
  • olive oil.

Special nutrition for relief is justified only for girls with developed muscles, it can be dangerous for athletes under 25 years old and weighing less than 52 kg. They are advised to follow the method of carbohydrate rotation, in which hunger is not felt as much. Drying the body is prohibited during pregnancy.

What not to eat when drying

It is undesirable to eat a number of cereals, vegetables, fruits, certain types of meat. The table shows which products are banned or restricted.

Product Category Scroll
Vegetables, greens Potatoes, beets, turnips, radishes
Fruits and berries, including in the form of juices Figs, grapes, watermelon, persimmon, banana, melon
Beverages Carbonated, alcoholic and caffeinated
cereals Corn and rice
Bakery products Wheat bread, sweet pastries
flour products Vareniki, dumplings, pancakes
Confectionery Any, especially cakes, pastries, halvah, sweets
Dairy Cream, fermented baked milk 6%, milk 3.2%, yogurt 3.2%, condensed milk
Meat Pork and semi-finished products from it, duck, goose
Fish Fried and smoked fish, sprats
Other Sausages, mayonnaise, ketchup, sugar, mushrooms, dried dates and raisins.

It is forbidden to eat any dishes from fast food restaurants, which will also increase the load on the stomach and intestines. In some cases, not a ban, but a restriction of easily digestible products is allowed.

What can you eat while drying

The basis of the menu for drying is proteins (fish, seafood, eggs, lean meat). The body’s need for fats is replenished by vegetable oil, flax seeds and fish oil. Be sure to eat vegetables that are not prohibited.

Table of acceptable products for men and women.

Category Scroll
Vegetables Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beans, white cabbage and broccoli, fresh peas and green peas, lettuce
Fruits (only eat before lunch) Any savory, such as apples
cereals Brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, millet
Bakery products Whole grain bread
Pasta Pasta
Milk products Ryazhenka and yogurt with a fat content of up to 2%, low-fat cottage cheese, tofu, low-fat cheese
Meat Beef and veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken,
Fish and seafood Cod, trout, salmon, pike, flounder, hake, herring, any seafood
Oil Olive, sunflower, linseed
Other Chicken egg, flax seed, nuts, still mineral water, rosehip broth

The menu should be varied, balanced, necessarily tailored to the intensity of training. Dishes are best steamed, baked, boiled. Frying at the stage of combating body fat should be excluded – such heat treatment provokes the accumulation of fat under the skin

Approximate menu for the day for Muscle Relief

Each athlete eats in his own way – when preparing meals, physical activity, health status, and taste preferences are taken into account. Contrary to expectations, the food remains tasty and varied, the example of three variants of programs for one day confirms this.

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meal Option number 1 Option number 2 Option number 3
Breakfast Millet porridge with milk and green tea Fried eggs with allowed vegetables and grapefruit juice Oatmeal, peanut butter, green tea
Lunch Omelet, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetable juice Whole grain bread and boiled turkey Low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream and pineapple
Dinner Soup in meat broth, boiled breast, rosehip infusion Beef cutlets with vegetable garnish, green tea Vegetable soup, boiled rabbit meat, dried fruit compote
afternoon tea Low fat fruit yogurt Vegetable salad dressed with olive or sunflower oil Fruit salad with low-fat yogurt or sour cream
Dinner Cod baked in the oven in low-fat creamy sauce Canned seaweed, whole grain bread slice Chicken breast with brown rice

Vegetarians can replace meat dishes with fish, and vegans can add casein protein. With self-compilation of the menu, it is advisable to drink vitamin and mineral supplements in a course, they will help to fill the body’s need for macro and microelements.

Safe Diet Rules for Muscle Relief

In order for the process of getting rid of subcutaneous fat to give the expected results, you need to follow the rules. The most high-calorie meals are eaten in the first half of the day; for afternoon tea and dinner, you need to eat lighter, low-calorie foods. Meals for men and women are fractional, 5-6 times a day (it is allowed to add a second dinner), and portions are small – up to 250 g.

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Other rules:

  1. This method of dealing with subcutaneous fat is prohibited for people with diseases of the kidneys, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.
  2. Dramatically change the habitual diet is dangerous to health – the calorie content should decrease gradually.
  3. The exit from drying is also gradual, with an increase in calorie content – then the muscle relief will last longer.

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Mandatory weight control. Normally, 600-1000 g of body weight should go per week. If the scales show a greater result, you need to add carbohydrates, for example, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar in tea. If the results are modest, the amount of carbohydrates eaten should be reduced.

Control of KBZhU is mandatory, therefore, even at home, you need to take into account the level of energy consumption and study calorie tables. You can get rid of this task only if you order food delivery from us. Nutritionists will calculate KBJU personally, and chefs will prepare delicious dishes according to their recommendations.

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