Is it possible to dye your hair during pregnancy

Women want to stay well-groomed even when they are in a position. This is especially true for hair: regrown roots or breaking gray hair will not please anyone. But is hair coloring dangerous during pregnancy and does it harm the baby? Expectant mothers are worried about this, and for good reason. After all, aggressive dyes can negatively affect both the woman and the fetus. In the article, we will understand this issue.

Is hair dyeing harmful during pregnancy?

Serious physiological and hormonal changes occur in the body of a pregnant woman. Therefore, the reaction to the components of the paint can be unpredictable: it may not “lie” on the hair, as it should, or cause an allergic reaction. Although, if a woman dyed her hair before conception, the risk of allergies is reduced.

Most likely, the hairdresser will assure you that there is no harm in dyeing your hair during pregnancy. The opinions of doctors are not so unambiguous.

 2 views on hair coloring during pregnancy

Gynecologists treat the procedure differently. And their opinions are diametrically opposite: some are categorically opposed, and others see no harm to the expectant mother and child.

Medical point of view “for”

If the expectant mother wants to look beautiful and well-groomed, she has every right to do so. This opinion is shared by the proponents of the approach. They believe that paint components do not penetrate deeply and do not enter the bloodstream. However, they do not deny that chemicals enter the bloodstream. But the dosages are so insignificant that they cannot be harmful.

Another argument is a kind of immunity that a woman could develop if she dyed before conception. It will protect mom from the harmful effects of chemicals. The fetus protects the placenta.

Medical point of view “against”

Doctors point out: the components of the composition of the dyes can negatively affect the woman’s body and the development of the fetus. At the same time, they prohibit patients from dyeing their hair during early pregnancy. This is due to the fact that in the first 13 weeks, the baby is developing rapidly, and the foundation of his future health is being laid.

In the first trimester, the muscular-ligamentous apparatus and the most important organs and systems are formed. At the same time, the fetus does not yet have its own protection – it is just beginning to be laid. Therefore, in the early stages, the child is still defenseless against any external influences. Even the most expensive and supposedly safe paints in the first trimester will definitely negatively affect it.

Hair coloring at this stage can lead to fetal growth retardation, disrupt the functioning of the immune system in the future – is it worth the risk? This is why doctors oppose painting if you have recently become aware of your situation.

Paint can harm you too: cause an attack of nausea and vomiting, headache, allergic rashes and even bad “take”.

In the 2nd trimester, the baby already has protection mechanisms, so dyeing your hair is not so scary.

Hazardous components in paint formulations

Doctors ask expectant mothers to read the composition of paints, activators and blondorants. They affect the respiratory tract, settle in them. Particularly harmful are the fumes of the compound of the paint and the activator, and the strongest effect is blondoran – it is the most chemically aggressive.

Here are the components that are dangerous for mom and fetus:

  • ammonia – has a pungent odor, causes nausea and vomiting, fatigue, migraine;
  • resorcinol – reduces immunity, irritates the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and throat, provokes colds, coughs, allergies in the form of spots on the skin;
  • paraphenylenediamine – provokes inflammatory processes, is extremely dangerous for crumbs in the first trimester;
  • hydrogen peroxide is dangerous when it reacts with resorcinol. May cause an allergic reaction, burns.

Avoid them at any stage of your pregnancy.

Safe products for dyeing hair during pregnancy

Only ammonia-free paints are suitable for pregnant women. If the packaging indicates that the product is allowed for the expectant mother, feel free to choose it. Trust organic products from the professional series. Blondes will have the hardest part: if you want to give birth to a healthy child, give up the blonde during gestation and lactation.

We offer several products that are safe for women and crumbs:

  1. L’Oreal. Casting Creme Gloss (ammonia free), Inoa (oil based product);
  2. Matrix. Color sync line – does not contain ammonia, sulfates;
  3. Wella. Color Touch series – there is no ammonia in it, but the manufacturer warns: you can only paint from the 2nd trimester;
  4. SanoTinT. Brand paints do not contain ammonia, are made on the basis of herbal ingredients;
  5. Schwarzkopf. The Perfect Mousse line is a mousse that is free of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia;
  6. Estel Professional. Deluxe Sense Series – can be used in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Please note: none of the manufacturers indicated that paint can be used in the 1st trimester.

Natural remedies for dyeing hair during pregnancy

You can use them even from the first day of pregnancy. Choose a method based on the desired shade of hair.

For dark-haired girls, basma, cocoa, coffee are suitable. You can combine ingredients to create an interesting shade.

For redheads, henna, turmeric are suitable. You can achieve different shades – fiery red, copper, red, golden.

For fair-haired people – chamomile, lemon, cinnamon, honey. You can mix lemon juice with honey, chamomile decoction with honey. These products are suitable for girls with natural light brown and blond hair of different shades – they perfectly refresh and emphasize the color.

Use folk remedies without fear: they will benefit your hair, strengthen, add shine and protect against brittleness.

Recommendations for dyeing hair during pregnancy

Here are some tips to make sure the procedure is successful and safe for you and your baby.

Tip # 1. Don’t use mass-market paints. They contain a corrosive oxidizing agent, oxide 9%. It causes redness, skin burns, allergies, and also dries hair.

Council number 2. Do not change your color drastically. If you have dark hair, don’t go platinum blonde all at once. You will not achieve such an effect with natural formulations, which means you have to risk yourself and your baby.

Council number 3. Choose an expensive professional paint. Manufacturers are developing more and more safe products every year. You can find such products in professional lines.

Council number 4. Paint once a month. More often than not.

Council number 5. Listen to well-being. Go to the procedure only in an excellent mood and without health problems. Toxicosis, leg swelling, back pain, hypertonicity and other complications of pregnancy are not the best companions to a beauty salon.

Council number 6. Entrust hair coloring during pregnancy to the master. Warn the stylist about your position and find out what products he works with.

Tip # 7. Use gentle techniques. These include ombre, highlighting, color biolamination, toning, bronding, shatush, bio-coloring.

Tip # 8. Take an allergy test. Apply the dye to the bend of the elbow and only if there is no reaction to the hair. You can contact a trichologist – he will do an analysis for a reaction to a dye.

If you have an allergic reaction, don’t risk it. You can change your hair color with the help of natural remedies, tonic or toning shampoo – they are washed off quickly, but do not penetrate into the bloodstream and deep into the hair.

Features and risks of hair coloring during pregnancy

Permanent hair dyes have different effects on the body of the mother and child, depending on the trimester.

We have already talked about dyeing hair during early pregnancy. It is harmful and dangerous. Risks to the development and health of the baby, deterioration of your well-being (for example, increased toxicosis) – this is what the procedure in the 1st trimester is fraught with. The risk is that due to the rapid surge of hormones, you may be upset with the result: the paint will not “take” or the color will turn out completely different from what was originally planned. The exception is natural remedies (basma, henna, food).

It is possible to dye hair during pregnancy in the 2nd trimester only with a product with a safe composition. During this period, the woman feels well, toxicosis recedes, it is easy to walk, and the mood is excellent. The fetus has already formed organs and its own defense. With such a favorable picture, you can dye your hair. Talk to your supervising gynecologist before your procedure.

The rules for dyeing hair during pregnancy in the 3rd trimester are the same. Please note that you will have to sit for a long time. Take breaks, change body position, walk every half hour during the procedure. This will help prevent leg swelling and back pain.

When you can’t dye your hair during pregnancy

The doctor will prohibit you from the procedure in such cases:

  • first trimester of pregnancy;
  • feeling unwell: toxicosis, gestosis, weakness, viral diseases, temperature;
  • pathology of fetal development: if there are problems, there is no need to expose the baby to unnecessary risk;
  • test results: if there are deviations, it is better to refrain from exposure to chemicals;
  • the state of the immune system;
  • individual susceptibility: with hypersensitivity, a tendency to allergies, it is better not to risk it.

Before visiting a beauty salon, visit the gynecologist who is in charge of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a wonderful state. And you have every right to look great. But since you are responsible for your child, all actions will have to be weighed. If you really want to dye your hair, we recommend that you see a doctor. He is aware of your health, crumbs development, test results and body characteristics. Therefore, he can assess the risks and answer whether you can dye your hair or not. Listen to his verdict and don’t risk it if you didn’t hear what you wanted. And remember: all pregnant women are beautiful!

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