How to get likes on Facebook

As a rule, users rate relevant and interesting materials with likes. Therefore, quite often users pay attention to how many hearts a particular post has. The lowest prices for ordering Facebook likes on advanced services are presented below:

  1.  – a site with a nice design and real-time technical support, will tell and show how to wind up likes on Facebook on photos and posts of average quality from 0.26 rubles per piece when buying 1000, as well as good, with a guarantee from 0.54 rubles per piece Emotions will come out here from 0.68 r, for the same amount, and likes on the video is only 0.069 r per heart. On the public page of the heart with a quick addition – from 0.53 rubles per unit.
  2. – this experienced SMM service presents Facebook likes cheat for an inexpensive amount – from 0.32 rubles per like. There are hearts in the photo and posts, both with medium and high speed, you can also choose emojis. Online consultants.
  3. Avi1 – on this resource they will add likes to you with a quick start, pick up offers. Here they will offer to enlarge hearts by users from all over the world, with a guarantee, they will wind up emotions and put hearts on a public page. The price of likes is from 0.275 rubles per unit.
  4. Mnogo-golosov – this service makes it possible to buy paid likes on photos, posts and even videos, at a price of 0.3 rubles per unit. Emojis will come out even cheaper – 0.18 rubles per like, but for a profile or personal page the cost is 1.49 per item.
  5. Youliker – guarantees likes for money on photos and posts at a price of 0.57 rubles when ordering from 1000 and hearts supplied by Russians, as well as people from the CIS countries from 0.75 rubles per piece, for the same amount.
  6. Socialbooster – here you can get likes for a post for cheap, from 0.22 rubles per heart – these are instant; there are ordinary pieces for 0.32 rubles; 0.34 p (the same amount), put down by random users; and another unique option – instant likes on a high-quality post for 0.79 rubles when ordering a unit of goods. Questions can be asked to the consultant.
  7. Soclike – there is no difference on the site in terms of the quality and speed of material receipt, only the quantity, depending on which there will be a discount. So, when ordering 1000, the price is 990 r, which means that it will be quite inexpensive per piece – 0.99 r, taking less will come out more expensive, and more – at lower prices.
  8. Mrpopular – offers likes on posts from low (RUB 0.58 per unit) to high quality (RUB 3.83 per unit), as well as emotions (RUB 5.5 per unit) and page likes – low (RUB 0.98 per piece), medium (2.74 rubles per like) and high quality (6.47 rubles per item). There is no technical support, the design is so-so, but there is variety.
  9. Unu – everything is simple here. 1 like – 1 ruble, but if you want from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Kazakhstan, put another 1 r in the piggy bank, for a total of 2 r. You can choose the gender, there is no surcharge when ordering a country for a floor. When buying 100 or 1000 hearts, the order will be 1.5 rubles per unit.
  10. Fastpromo – offers likes at a price of 3 rubles per item. It’s good that there is an online operator, it’s a big problem to deal with the order. There are likes on posts, on comments posted on the main page. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees.
  11. Pricesmm – will offer options for collecting likes in all possible ways, from self-dialing to buying on popular services from the list of search engines.

How to easily wind up likes on Facebook for free – SMM ideas

As a rule, the natural set of likes does not happen as quickly as we would like, but the main thing is that it was feasible. How to get likes on Facebook for free:

  1. In order for the user to like the content, you need to make it high-quality and unusual.
  2. Choose a time for posting. If your topics are designed for the majority, then it is usually early morning, evening when people come home from work and lunch.
  3. Call your family and friends. Ask for subscriptions and likes.
  4. Invite users of other social networks by posting links to posts on your pages.
  5. You can do the same on any site with forums or reviews on the Internet.
  6. Chat with like-minded people and promote each other’s pages with mutual increases.
  7. In addition, on your personal account, you can say that you are ready for a mutual like, leave a hashtag with this phrase and get the desired result.
  8. For those who promote the product there is a separate item – create a discount for the one who will like it.
  9. In this social network there is a survey program, in order to take a survey and answer questions, a person must like it. And also, thanks to contests and polls, you can find out what is missing in your posts and change for the benefit of the page’s prosperity.
  10. Like time. Some users create special groups, in which they write posts urging to like each other. Write a comment and whoever will be next will leave likes on your account. It is better to use this method no more than once a month.
  11. You can collect hearts on the exchange. Free, but not fun for everyone. First, there is a possibility of being hacked. After all, you enter the registration data of the promoted account. And secondly, it takes a long time to get points.
  12. There are programs for promoting Facebook and a set of likes. The software has its own nuances. Here, if you do not need to register with the input of your data from Face, then other problems may arise. Free software is either a demo version or unfinished programs. The programs can be infected with a virus. Some of them will leave your IP, which will arouse the interest of the administration, and then they will be banned. Programs will add likes by bots, if this moment does not bother you, then you can try.

When free methods are of little use, uploads are slow, but I would like to speed up, there is an option to cheat Facebook likes for a fee. Competent smm service specialists will take care of all the work. You just have to wait for the receipt and work on your content further.

Facebook likes boost – preparing groups and publics

What is the difference between a group and a page? Pages are usually opened by famous people or companies, it can always be viewed by any person. The page is mainly needed for news – it is providing information to people. The group, on the contrary, is available to all users of the social network, it can be closed and control the flow of those added. The community is suitable for communication of users with the same interests.

There are several types of groups: standard – general, groups for video games, communities for sales, and social learning groups – polls are simply created here.

They are also open, closed – the entry takes place after approval by the admin and secret – they cannot be found in a search engine, they are distributed only by reference.

After you have created a group, you need to design it:

  • Add a company logo with information or an image that fits the meaning.
  • Describe the main idea behind the group.
  • Specify tags for search engine results.
  • Place a geotag.
  • Choose a background in the settings.
  • Set up moderation. Forbid posting posts or materials with certain words to participants. You can edit comments, hide those that you don’t like and leave the best ones. It is allowed to block participants who violate the rules.
  • Also, you should familiarize yourself with the “growth” tab – here you can track the speed of the group’s development and “engagement” – how much subscribers are interested in your posts. In the column “participants” you can understand who and from where the most of the group visits and is active in it.

Then you should set some parameters for increasing the rating yourself, and after that, involve third-party organizations to add likes


Which is better – Facebook likes exchange or promotion services

Facebook like exchanges, how they work:

  • You register on the exchange taking into account the data of your Facebook account. It is dangerous to leave your username and password, if they get them, you will be banned.
  • Earn points for promoting your page or group by completing other people’s tasks. You view posts, like, repost and more.
  • Place an order for the likes you need – in the photo or on the post.
  • Payment is debited from your personal account – points for the selected service of a certain size (be prepared for the fact that you need much more points).
  • Other users are already fulfilling your task and leave their hearts according to the plan.This method does not require payment, but getting 1000 or 10000 likes for them is a whole problem. It will take an incredibly long time, but if you have 10, 50, 100 or 500 likes, then you will cope with the task.

Buying Facebook likes on the service will not be a problem. You can cheat parameters without registration, without entering passwords. All you need is a link. You do not spend days and weeks, months on completing tasks:

  • You choose a service – likes live, offers or bots; at high, slow or steady speed; you can receive receipts, if not without, then with a minimum number of write-offs; if you want from a computer, if you want from a phone. If you want to increase likes from the CIS countries, please, there will be at least Moldova, Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. You can also choose foreign options: USA, Germany and others.
  • Consult our live tech support about it if you have any questions.
  • Add the order to the cart.
  • Awaiting additions.

The process takes place quickly and without problems.

Boost Likes in FB – Live traffic from Russia and Ukraine

Russian users for the most part try to disseminate information among the Russian-speaking population, and this includes friendly peoples. Likewise, users from the CIS countries want to have as many subscribers as possible and choose this item for purchase – cheat live from Russia and the CIS.

Facebook has penetrated deeply into the hearts of Ukrainian users. In June 2019, Facebook appointed a public policy manager for Ukraine, which implies the end of active blocking of users from this country. This, in turn, leads to the fact that there will be even more people who want to promote their page or group in this social network.

So, demand creates supply, and Russian companies promoting services are ready to provide such support.

How to get likes on Facebook by users from Russia and Ukraine:

  • First of all, you need to choose a site that provides such a service. Additional resource requirements: not less than a year old; online consultants; contract with guarantees; the ability to take on paypal or other options online, is it possible to take a small amount on the site in advance to check receipts.
  • After the site is selected, talk to consultants and feel free to place an order.

Buy Facebook likes wholesale and retail from 26 kopecks

Let’s see what the prices for likes on Facebook depend on:

  • Quality, live, is correspondingly more expensive than bots or offers.
  • Quantity, wholesale is cheaper. Some other sites have an additional discount when buying from 1000.
  • Purchase bots that leave likes from a supplier or get live ones.
  • The cost is influenced by where the company ordered its advertising. Bloggers, for example, are not cheap.
  • From the staff. How many people worked on the creation of the site: designer, seo specialist, layout designer, manager, programmer, smm marketer and other people. If the site looks nice, then they worked on it, made it more attractive to the audience. If the service has a consultant, then he receives a salary. But this does not mean at all that it is necessary to take where there is a bad design and there are no managers. Such places do not pay attention to users, which means that there is nothing to expect from such companies. How will they cheat at all if they treat such hack-work?
  • From the amount that the company decided to keep for itself for further development or enrichment.
  • A lot depends on competitors. Therefore, there are often all kinds of discounts, promotions, and in general, prices can sometimes be underestimated. However, it should be understood that no one will sell you at the purchase price, so the very cheap options in the price list will most likely turn out to be “fake”.

How to get likes on Facebook +100, 500, 1000 per day

The first 100 – 500 likes will be typed without any problems on their own. But then the process may drag on. To get the first thousand, you will have to either wait a while or order on a commercial service. And in order to get so much every day, you obviously have to spend either on subscribers, or wind up FB likes on the site, both for quantity and to attract the target audience.

Before tackling third-party enlargements, it’s worth:


  1. Publish posts, and this should be done regularly so that subscribers know when to expect news from you.
  2. Make independent additions:
  • Send a notification to your friends about the creation of a Facebook page or group. Be careful not to be mistaken for spam.
  • Register new, additional pages and send invitations from them.
  • Leave links on various sites, in comments and even post on blogs, or under other people’s blogs on YouTube.
  • Engage in mutual PR.

3. Determine the quality of the wrapping. Each customer is faced with a dilemma – how to do it better. Get the best likes more expensive (live) or cheap, but made by bots. It all depends on the current situation, but there will always be real users in the recommendation. If the purchased accounts are similar to the accounts of real people, then a larger target audience will appear.

4. Choose a site that suits you according to the parameters.

Get Facebook Likes on Photos and Posts – 100% Live

Many businessmen have chosen this platform for the development of their company. Here you can quickly promote a page or group on Facebook.

And here are the reasons for organizing a Facebook group for businessmen:

  1. Those interested can discuss your products.
  2. You can encourage active users with bonuses.
  3. Create free technical support for potential buyers.
  4. Conduct contests and promotions for even greater distribution of services.

In addition, you can create groups for employees with chats to exchange ideas.

How to make money on Facebook likes? The more likes you have on posts or photos, the more likely it is that a service or product that you are writing stories about will be purchased from you. You can quickly buy likes on professional services, without programs and exchanges, tasks and passwords. You can catch up to 100K users to get likes or take a million hearts with bots. How much do these services cost? Bots are naturally cheaper, from 25 kopecks to a ruble per piece. Live from ruble to 5 per unit. You can take likes, performed by Russian subscribers, but sometimes foreign options are required, then English akki will come to the rescue.

The main thing is to remember that first of all, from scratch, big additions are not made, and despite the fact that some companies are ready to create such a service for the sake of money, first write the content and organize the increases yourself, and then buy on the site. Getting on the resource saves time and makes it possible to find really active subscribers who will run into the post page after they see an increase.

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