Facebook hashtags

How to put a hashtag on Facebook ? This information will be useful to those who use this social network to promote their brand or product. But ordinary users will find it useful to learn about this thing. First, we’ll talk about what it is and only then we’ll talk about its use. So, let’s begin.

What are hashtags

This word denotes short descriptions of text or images, which are written using the “#” sign . This is the hallmark of the hashtag. In addition, even if there are several words in the title, they must be spelled out together. Otherwise, nothing will work.

For the first time, such a tag was used on Twitter. Thus, interesting posts were tagged there so that they could be easily found. It was enough to enter a popular hashtag into the search bar and the algorithm would return all posts with the appropriate signatures.

Hashtag appearance

But popularized Instagram hashtags. It was there that they began to be used en masse. It is easier to use small sentences with a grid to caption photos than to describe what is happening in the photo.

Such elements appeared on Facebook only in 2013. But even then not everyone used them. Many did not understand the benefits of hashtags. And now they do not understand. For the most part, they are of interest to professional SMM-specialists and PR specialists.

Who can they be useful to?

In general, any user can use them. But hashtags work most effectively when trying to promote your page, your product or brand. It is enough to come up with an original and memorable hashtag. And the rest will be done by the technician.

But you can also add these elements to your photos so that Facebook search engine can index and rank them. Then more people will see your photo. And now about the use of this element.

How to enter a hashtag

In fact, there is nothing complicated about it. But due to the overloaded Facebook interface, some users cannot navigate in the abundance of tools and make mistakes. Moreover, even experienced users can make a mistake.

After all, the administration of this social network is considered good form to make a real quest out of the simplest action. Be that as it may, we will provide detailed instructions that will tell you how and what to do. Here she is:

  1. In the upper toolbar, click on the username.
  1. The user page will open. There will be a window for creating a new post. We enter the necessary text there. If desired, add a photo using the appropriate tool.
  2. After the text, you need to put a “#” sign and enter the tag (together).

Search posts by hashtags

In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. After all, a hashtag search is carried out in the same way as a regular one. It’s just that in this case, the search engine returns all publications in which a specific post is mentioned with a hash icon.

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However, we will tell you more about this process. After all, not everyone knows how to correctly enter a hashtag in the search line. Here are detailed instructions that will tell you exactly what and how to do:

  1. So, we launch the browser, enter “facebook.com” in the address bar and go to our page.
  2. Further, at the very top of the page, we find the search string and enter the hashtag. You must first enter the “#” sign and then some word. Without spaces. For example, “#nature” .
  3. Then we press the button Enter…

The search engine will return all publications that have the entered hashtag in their description. And already from these posts you can choose whatever interests you. It is worth noting that along with the publications, photos will also be shown that contain the same text in the caption.


Within the framework of this material, we talked about such a concept as hashtags on Facebook. And also talked about what they are for. These elements may be useful for some categories of users. That is why we have detailed the process of adding them to the publication. Moreover, the description is compiled in the form of detailed instructions with a clear algorithm of actions. So there shouldn’t be any problems.

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