Advantages of diapers

There are dozens of varieties of diapers in stores today. They have long been considered essential goods for families with small children and are in stable demand. It is not customary to save on children, therefore diapers are in demand both in the middle price segment and in premium categories, which are expensive and are considered to be of higher quality. However, it often happens that mothers pay an unreasonably high price for diapers – the leak of the product, rub, provoke irritation on the delicate skin and the appearance of diaper rash in the baby.

Features of Russian diapers

It is noteworthy that only 5 years ago, diapers of mainly foreign brands were on the shelves of children’s stores. Today, hygiene products are also in demand in Russia, which compete with foreign products. More and more mothers choose domestic diapers for affordability and decent quality.

Recently, Russian-made products with the name in Russian – “Umka” appeared on the shelves. The novelty is produced by the White Manufacture company. Hypoallergenic household chemicals, bathing products, and skincare products are sold under this brand, which have already won the trust of thousands of buyers throughout Russia. New products are manufactured in the Moscow region at one of the largest manufacturing enterprises. These diapers meet the main requirements of most caring mothers – keep babies’ butts dry, are made of soft and breathable materials. At the same time, the price is lower than that of diapers of foreign brands with similar characteristics.

When choosing diapers for their babies, caring mothers pay special attention to a number of important requirements, which Umka diapers fully meet:

Environmental friendliness of materials. 

The absorbent material is composed of cellulose and absorbent material. Cellulose is a fluffy fiber from pine wood that quickly and effectively absorbs moisture, and the absorbent reliably holds it inside the absorbent layer, turning it into a gel.

Absorbent capacity.

Inside the “Umka” diapers there is an enveloping layer, due to which no lumps are formed, and absorption occurs instantly.

Soft and grooved top layer. 

Material with air cells on the surface comes into contact with the baby’s skin. It keeps moisture out and at the same time provides air exchange so that the skin can breathe.

Leakage protection. 

Outside, the diapers are covered with a special “breathable” film. It has micropores that allow air to pass through, but not moisture. Liquid from the diaper does not get onto your clothes or crib. The baby stays dry and does not overheat.

The convenience of use.

“Umka” diapers follow the shape of the baby’s body, have soft double elastic bands around the legs and a wide elastic band on the back. The reusable Velcro straps attach well and securely fix the diaper even on a very active child.

The presence of a moisture indicator. 

It changes color when filling the diaper and tells mom when it’s time to change the product.

Affordable price. 

In comparison with diapers-competitors of foreign brands, “Umka” is on a par with premium quality goods, and the cost is the same as that of diapers in the middle price segment.

Safe for baby’s skin. 

“Umka” diapers meet international quality standards and are fully certified. The manufacturer has confirmed compliance with the International GMP standard related to hygiene and health safety. The composition does not contain lotions, fragrances, phthalates, parabens and other potentially dangerous components. The superabsorbent that retains moisture is made of sodium polyacrylate (recognized as absolutely non-toxic).

The Russian diaper manufacturer Umka proves in practice that domestic goods can be of high quality. These diapers with a white bear on the packaging can be trusted with the most valuable thing – the well-being of your baby!

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