Consequences of malnutrition

Consequences of malnutrition

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The general condition of our body depends on the quality of nutrition Consequences of malnutrition. nearly everyone has heard that the” wrong” food-fast food, adipose, fried- causes fat. But such a diet actually has a lot further health consequences than it seems at first regard. In addition, it’s important not only to eat quality food, but also to follow a certain schedule for eating it so that we admit nutrients constantly throughout the day.

Signs of malnutrition

The main index of whether you eat right is your usualdiet.However, smoked, salty, If it contains a lot of fried. In addition, cereals, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products must be present in your diurnalmenu.However, commodity needs to change, If they don’t.

There are a many further signs that gesture malnutrition

Violated drinking governance- you drink little water( lower than1.5- 2 liters), but constantly drink soda pop, coffee, sweet drinks.
Frequent gluttony you can’t repel the coming piece of succulent or regularly get up from the table with a full stomach.
There’s no mess schedule- you constantly skip lunch or breakfast, rather gorging on the go.

Causes of malnutrition

There can be several reasons for similar unhealthy eating habits. Constant rush, stress, irregular work schedule, etc. But most frequently, malnutrition is laid in nonage. We adopt food habits from our parents, and with age we do n’t indeed suppose about how useful the menu we’re used to is in general. There are other reasons too

Cerebral dependence on dangerous products.
incapability to dissect and acclimate your diet.
Inattention to one’s own health and body.
The desire to save on food, buy what’s cheaper.

How malnutrition affects the body

Contrary to popular belief, being fat is far from the worst consequence ofmalnutrition.However, vitamins, microelements, If our body doesn’t admit the necessary norm of nutrients. appear.

Warning signs that your diet needs to be acclimated

constant fatigue, lack of strength;
violation of attention, attention, memory;
dull hair, brittle and thin nails;
common problems, clicking or creaking in the absence of inflammation;
frequent coprolite problems.
All this can be observed indeed in people who take vitamins and colorful salutary supplements. Vitamin complexes don’t replace a healthy, varied diet that includes complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and impregnated fat.

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How to avoid the consequences of malnutrition

Still, also habitual conditions will come your constant companions, If you don’t change your menu. To avoid the unwanted results of malnutrition, you need to acclimate your diet as follows

Diversify your food as much as possible. Every day you should eat at least some nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish.
Give up fried- replace it with fashions for a slow cooker or roaster.
Try to eat foods fresh or cook them al dente.
Drink plenitude of fluids, replace coffee and soda pop with green tea and plain water.
Eat small refections, but regularly- every 3-3.5 hours.
By making these recommendations your habits, you’ll notice how jones
for unhealthy foods go down. The body will come full of strength and energy, and the problems of fat will cease to hang you.

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Eat right and be healthy!

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